Hello to All,

I grew up as a video game fan boy more or less. I have wanted to make video games since I was a kid, after playing Final Fantasy III for SNES. The first job I ever wanted was Sakaguchi-sans’. I have always been a fan of RPG’s. My love of all different genres, systems, difficulities and gameplay have stoked a raging inferno of game lust. I was an original subscriber to EGM (which you can probably tell by my blog title). I susbscribed to the publication till its ceasing. Since then I have continued to follow all forms of worthy game media. Mainly in the online realm of blogs. Now I wish to participate in the industry that has held my close attention since childhood and contribute my small piece in honor of those that blazed the trail before me. Thank you to all who make games possible, fun, accessible, better, and those of you that absolutely love them the way I do. Kudos.